Topshop Coats For Cold Style And Glam

TopshopcoatsTopshop is displaying its coats just in time for the coldest months of the season. The popular retailer is offering a collection of hot fashion coats to make walking in freezing temperatures look like a breeze. Among its popular styles is a hooded fur trimmed coat. THE SHORT COAT: is perfect for a sporty look in the snow. Paired with tall boots, button down layers of jewels, this look is perfect for a day of running around without looking like an Eskimo.

THE LONG WOOL COAT – This classic coat is perfect for a night on the town. Paired with a pair of high heel booties and a small bag, this coat is perfect for a night to a play, ballet or upscale restaurant.

THE PARKA COAT – This classic stylish coat with fur trim is good for everyday cold weather wear. The style is a perfect match with many different casual styles. A Parka coat is a good pick for women who hate to change coats.

THE DUSTER COAT – Hate wearing coats? the duster coat is heavy enough to wear in the cold but light enough to keep those who despise heavy coats warm. Paired with a scarf, the duster has the ability to make keep you warm and stylish.

Topshop has also included more information about its coats on its social media accounts and Follow them on Twitter @Topshop and on Instagram @Topshop. Stay up to date on for more fashion and runway show news.





Monica Link

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