How to Plan the Perfect Dinner Party

Dinner-Table-SettingSince the major holidays have all passed and the most chaotic season of the year is almost done, this is the perfect time to host a simple and chic dinner party. There are many overwhelming things that come to mind when thinking about how to host a dinner and making it run smoothly AND have a good time. The secrets are all in the planning.

Starting your planning with e-vites are an easy and eco-friendly way to keep track of who and who cannot come without adding extra stress to coordinating your night. The key to invites is to make the dinner party more intimate than a normal party. It should be close friends or family to have a nice evening together.

The ambiance should be simple but coordinated to have a put together look. Fresh flowers, simple table pieces and decorations are important, but it’s also imperative to not over-do any decorating. Hermès and Kate Spade are a great place to look for home décor and the essentials to have for a dinner party. From decorative napkins to centerpieces and silverware, Hermès and Kate Spade have some of the most high end and chic décor.

Fendi Casa and Jonathan Adler are known for their modern look if you want to add to your “Uptown elegant” dinner theme. Each designer has their own feel, but with these looks, your evening couldn’t look more luxurious and stylish.

The food and drinks are the easy part. Ask the friends and family you’re inviting to get a feel for what they want to eat and run with your favorite or easiest dishes. Have a variety of foods and drinks just in case, but don’t use this night to experiment with any new recipes or techniques. Make more food than you think you might need, in case more people come than you expected. Worst case, you have a little extra food. Having a variety of drinks is important too. Don’t make the night about drinking. You want this dinner party to be classy, but fun.

With all of these tips and secrets, your dinner party is bound to be a success! With the right décor, fun company and great food, what could go wrong?

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes is a fashion blogger. She attends Appalachian State University.