Stockings, tights and leggings, oh my! How to Choose Proper Leg Wear

stockingsWhen it comes to stockings, tights and leggings, there are normally three different aspects that go into deciding which is preferred. Occasion, weather and preference determine which one is appropriate.

Stockings are a sexy and fashionable way to wear pantyhose. Stockings are appropriate and with formal attire in the workplace with knee length skirts or dresses. Stockings can also be paired with a formal cocktail dress for a night on the town to complete a sexy and mature look.

The best stockings for an upscale and classic look can be found at DKNY, Mayfair Stockings and Nancy Meyer. All three of these designers offer various styles of stockings appropriate for many different occasions. All of the designer’s stockings are fashionable and sophisticated for any woman.

Tights should be paired appropriately with a modest outfit in a formal and professional setting. They are somewhat transparent yet are made for cooler weather, which is why they are slightly thicker than pantyhose. Tights, unlike leggings, are not made to wear alone without any kind of pants, skirt, or dress.

Leggings are a bit more controversial and difficult to work with. Some see them as not a form of pants at all, where some see them as completely fine and extremely comfortable as long as the shirt is long enough or there is a tunic accompanied with it. Leggings are not transparent or sheer at all, but quite thin, which is why they are not professional or formal. The benefit of leggings is that they are the warmest of undergarments and comfortable.

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes is a fashion blogger. She attends Appalachian State University.