Chic to Chic: Kim, Kanye and Rihanna Boost Balmain Brand Recognition

rhianna balmainIf you’ve never heard of Balmain before this year, don’t feel bad, there are millions of new Balmain buyers and admirers in pop culture thanks to Kanye West and his booylicious bride, Kim Kardashian. The couple, known for dominating headlines with news everyone cares to not care about, made a deal to promote the iconic brand in 2014. The ongoing ad campaigns feature the couple in romantic and sexy poses. Promoting Balmain was more of a bonus than a business deal for the pair. They’ve both been fans and models for the French brand for years with no pay.

In addition to Kim and Kanye, Balmain has inked a deal with superstar Rihanna to promote the brand and bring in young, fresh buyers. Rhianna brings a rocker look to the brand with sexy in-your-face ads that even the most conservative shopper can’t ignore.

Kim and Kanye do a good job of promoting the brand and making it less snob and more accessible. Ads with the couple are sexy and chic, making the brand seem available for anyone with room for Balmain’s price tag in their shopping budget. Famed Balmain French designer Olivier Rousteing raves about the couple, Rhianna and celebrities who bring a fresh look and new eyes to the label.

Where to Buy Balmian?

kk balmainIf you’re looking to grab a piece of fashion from the exclusive label, go to Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Harrods or directly from Balmain’s website. Designs from the fashion house start at about $500.


Monica Link

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