Kylie Jenner Drops ‘Glosses’ Music Video To Promote Lip gloss Brand [VIDEO]

Kylie Jenner released a new video, with a light music backdrop to promote her new lip gloss and makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics. The video, featured below, shows Kylie and her friends with a hip hop themed guns, money, and designer clothes laced story line. ┬áThe video is a part of her highly anticipated makeup line. Kylie, who is dating rapper Tyga, has been rumored to be working on a potential album. Her mother Kris Jenner admitted Kylie was taking singing lessons on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kylie’s popularity continues to soar as she continues to roll out new projects and products. She currently has 56.4 million followers on Instagram and and 15.1 million followers on Twitter.

Monica Link

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