NYFW RECAP: JOOBI Debuts a Hauntingly Beautiful Collection

Korean-based women’s wear brand JOOBI debuted their first collection during New York Fashion Week. Hosted at their Seaport District showroom, the Spring/Summer 2018 women’s wear presentation was a hauntingly beautiful display of flowy fabrics, light silhouettes, and a hint of darkness.

Donned with structured, breezy clothing with black or white stocking or white leather boots, the presentation seemed to evoke an air of a modern day Grimm Brothers fairytale come to life.

According to fashionweekonline.com, the inspiration for the airy but dark nature of the collection was the progress of recovery. The site notes, “The collection begins within the depression of a young artist. The designer works in the concrete jungle of the fashion district of New York City, where lack of a social life and lack of light keeps her dark. Construction and other loud nuisances of noise keep her awake from her small dark floor. Through the effort of building and rebuilding, her first collection shows the progress of recovery from dark depression to light happiness”

The gradient of colors in the collection ranging from the darkest blacks to light Alice in Wonderland blues to tans, magenta pinks to lacey whites, the progress from a darker lifestyle to finding her light translated clearly through the presentation’s set up.

The beauty for the show featured included painted red all around eyes in addition to black harsh eyeliner, another note to the darkness to light focus of the collection.

JOOBI’s Showrom is located at 193 Front St .New York, NY 10038.

Michaela Felix

Michaela Felix

Michaela Felix is a fashion and technology writer. She is an editor at Rutgers University "Curly in College" publication.