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Monica IGSnobby Diva is taking Instagram by storm on two accounts. I share my favorite fashion finds, New York City shopping pics and more on my fashion editor’s Instagram @MonicaNYC13. Among my exclusive photos are the first look at the Balmain X collection from H&M. See the collection before it sold out and find out what piece I managed to find after the crowd went away. In addition to designer finds and favorites, there’s even some cute and cuddly photos on there including adorable kittens and a few fresh picked flowers. My editor picks are always consistent with the mission of Snobby Diva, high fashion without rules on who can have it and price. Fashion wouldn’t be fun if it was full price all the time. My editor Instagram also includes beauty picks from the top beauty brands, you don’t want to miss that!

Follow the @snobbyDivamag Instagram to see the latest in fashion runway pics and a few behind secrects you might not find on Top Shop’s fashion week runway shows. Celine Bags, Rebecca Minkoff and more are all featured photos on Instagram. Take a look at the photo preview and follow both accounts, You won’t be disappointed. Message us on Instagram if you have any photos you think we should share. We’re always looking for more.

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Monica Link

Monica Link is a New York City-based Fashion/ Tech writer, performer and entrepreneur. Learn more about her at