Hermes Affordable Fashion Picks For Millennials and Modern Women

Hermes has always been one of the most respected names in the fashion world. The brand’s elite Birkin bag is sold for as much as $300,000, and has boasted years long waiting lists. Due to its high prices and classic French styles, Hermes has earned itself the reputation of being a brand only worn by an older crowd. Lately, younger celebrities like the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez have been spotted carrying Hermes bags or sporting Hermes jewelry, drawing more millennials to purchase the brand. Read on to find some of our favorite Hermes pieces for millennials and modern women with a youthful style. Everything on our list is affordable and under $2000.


The Clic Clac

hermes clic bracelet

It seems as though every other young girl’s wrist holds this classic H bracelet, and we understand why. With so many styles and colors to choose from, there is a clic clac out there for anyone. The “narrow” size is great for stacking and pairing with other jewelry, while the “extra wide” makes a great statement and can be worn alone. Some of our favorites are the extra wide in china red and gold ($830), the wide black with black plating ($740), and the classic narrow in orange and gold ($600).





The Belt Kit

hermes belt


The Hermes Belt Kit is a great way to add instant polish to any outfit. Available in four different widths and dozens of color combinations, it is easy to find the belt that is perfect for your style, but our favorite is the simple black/natural 32mm belt ($815). The belt is double sided, so you can match it to almost any outfit, and the high quality leather will last you forever. We recommend getting the hammered finish on the clasp, because the smooth leather finish is known to scratch easily. (Hermes will repair any scratches for you, but you will need to send it to Paris for several weeks/months).


The Smart Pouch

hermes smart pouch

The Hermes Smart Pouch is perfect for any woman on the go. It is small enough to carry or throw into a larger purse, but contains four card holders and a pocket large enough for a smartphone or any other small necessities. We love the envelope style clasp and all seven color options. ($1,200).




Hermes sandals

When most people think Hermes, they typically don’t think of shoes, but we were pleasantly surprised at the many options as we scrolled through the website. Hermes designs all kinds of shoes shoes from sandals to sneakers to boots and booties, and we want them all. Here are a few of our faves.

Kalliste Sandals ($1,275)

We love the mixed metals color option! They’re cute, modern and made from strong leather material. 

Jimmy Sneakers ($930)  The cutouts and colors are so perfect for summer.

hermes sneakers

Holly Flats ($740)


hermes flats





Are you an Hermes wearer? How do you incorporate Hermes into your daily wardrobe? Do you think it’s wearable for millennials or is it strictly for older women? or both? Share your thoughts on Twitter @realsnobbydiva or Instagram @snobbydivamag 

Morgan Kelly

Morgan Kelly

Morgan Kelly is a writer and student at the University of Southern California. Morgan, an Atlanta native, is an honors student and volunteer with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.