Gucci Hires Graffiti Artist To Create Fresh Looks

Gucci Ghost2Gucci want to keep its collections fresh. In an effort to shake things up at the luxury brand, Gucci hired Trevor Andrew, an artist known by the street name GucciGhost. According to Vogue UK, Andrew is already hard at work creating fresh new looks that appeal to an edgy audience who may not typically shop at Gucci.

Gucci’s history spans decades. The brand has graced the covers of magazines worn by odels and celebrities and featured on the red carpet. The company debuted fresh new pieces in its collections for London and Milan Fashion Week.

Gucci creative director Alesssandro Michele expressed his excitement about Andrew to WWD.

“I saw the way Trevor was using the symbol of the company and I thought it was quite genius,” Michele said. “It’s completely different than the idea of copying. It’s the idea that you try to take to the street, through language like graffiti, the symbols of the company.”

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Monica Link

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