Burberry Scarf Patterns Worth Buying For All Seasons

Burberry ScarvesScarves are known as a tricky accessory as to when to wear them and how to make them look a part of the outfit. Scarves, depending on the style and color, can be used year around as an accessory or a great way to make your ensemble pop.

Scarves with patterns like Burberry are typically a simple, plaid with varying colors perfect for any season. Burberry’s cashmere scarves are perfect for winter or fall and should be paired with any solid or complimenting color. Burberry silk scarves can be worn as the perfect accessory with a spring outfit as long as the colors are not darker, such as the red, white and black Burberry scarf.

Many patterns on scarves can be tricky to work with, especially in spring and summer. Leopard print is in and can be paired with almost anything. Polka dots, stripes and plaid are all great patterns that can shockingly look amazing when worn right with leopard print. Other patterns such as floral and lightly colored scarves should carefully be worn with other spring colors, pastels, or even just white to accentuate the patterns and colors in the scarf. See Burberry’s full collection of scarves at Burberry.com.

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes is a fashion blogger. She attends Appalachian State University.